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Love it!!

I love the game! Finished it all! Some level was challenging and took awhile and some was not. Overall I hope there’s more worlds!

Great Time Killer

This game is pretty simple and fun. It’s one of those games where you’re character is constantly running and all you do is jump, but they actually pull it off really well here. The controls are satisfying, especially wall jumping. The only minor complaints I have would be that the hitbox for jumping on enemies is pretty unforgiving, you have to get them almost dead center or it’ll kill you. And secondly, while the music is pleasant, it never changes and gets pretty repetitive after 8 or so minutes. Maybe try adding a music track for each world? Or at least for each biome. Either way, this is a really cute, fun, and well put together platformer and I’d definitely recommend. I’m not going to complain about ads because a lot of work and polish went into this FREE game, gotta support the devs somehow.

Too Difficult

This game could be great, but it’s too hard! It’s not even fun! Seriously don’t waste your time.


It has way to much ads, I can’t play one game without an add

Who would’ve thought?

A cute pixel game with tapping control and challenging levels... I like that. This is a good game. I wonder what other things you have in store!

It’s alright but it definitely could be better

This is a really cute game! Also, paying $2.99 for unlimited lives and no ads isn’t so bad. However I do wish there were better controls, a way to destroy enemies other than jumping on them and maybe a shop to to get rid of the carrots since I have so many

This games blows 👎

What the games needs is like a 5 sec invincibility when you revive cuz you can die at a spike ball monster thing (idk) and then when you revive you don't get a warning you are about to run so you are not ready and you run straight into the spike ball monster thing and die then revive then die then revive then die then revive until you are dead in real life

we need more levels sis

im addicted to this game and ive finished it like 16 times now and i need ! new ! levels !


I love this game I don’t even like phone games that much I honestly just wish you could customize your bunny a bit like color or what he’s wearing it would be cool make a second one plz cuz I finished it

Cool game

Cool game to play on long trips. I beat the game but for some reason the trophy didn’t unlock. It gets frustrating sometimes. Over all good game!

Very frustrating

This looked like a very cute game so I tried it. It was very frustrating and spikes are everywhere so it’s almost impossible to survive the third level. They pretty much don’t tell you what kills you, plus there is no controls on this so you barely can guide the bunny to the end without dying almost five thousand times. Pretty stupid.


It’s a decent game. They should add a shop though, idk what to do with all the carrots I’ve stockpiled.

It’s not really got tight controls

You need tighter mechanics when it comes to’s just really disappointing

Best game I’ve ever played!

This is the BEST game I have ever played. No complaints. 10 out of 10. If you’re hesitant about getting this game, GET IT! It is so much fun. The only thing I dislike is that I finished every world and stage and now have nothing left to play! I am obsessed with this game. Thank you!

Amazing !! 🧡

My best game I have finished all the levels two time realy I wish to add anthor leves. Thank you very much for this game.

I NEED more!!

I love this app! I spent a few days stuck on some of the levels, but eventually beat them all. It was really fun and I hope that there will be more. I also think it’s amazing that for three dollars you can get unlimited lives. In a world of micro transactions this one time purchase really made me feel like I was supporting the developer and that the developer was respecting me.

Crappy hitboxes and very little character control

First off, I get why you have little control of your character in this game. For iphone users, one or two touch controls are pretty much a must have. The issue here is that the methods necessary to make a constant runner platformer game with direction changes, attacks, and swipe down smashes have already been made. In a similar game, rayman legends, you have control of the heigh of your jumps, and can change direction by swiping. Even if this game wanted to use just single tap controls, they should have at least used the tap and hold mechanic for height control. The mechanics are just super lazy. Speaking of lazy, the art for the game has some potential, but all the levels look exactly the same: same background color, same blocky platforms-there’s just no variety here! and the devs didn’t even make the enemies a contrasting color from the backgrounds so you could actually see them without straining your eyes. These enemies also are poorly designed in terms of gameplay. I’ve come across two. Enemies, the spikey ones and the ones with the big noses. Very simplistic, but they could be halfway decent. Except... the hitboxes for these guys are just atrocious. The spikey enemies (when retracted) are dome shaped, so you’d think their hitboxes would allow you to jump a little bit away from center mass, right? Wrong. Jumping anywhere but the the middle gets you killed. The big nosed ones are even worse. Their huge noses make them look like they have giant heads to stomp on (the nose is part of the head isn’t it?) but once again, you have to hit them right in the top of the noggin, or you get killed. This, coupled with the fact that the game is a constant movement platformer, means that you have little control over whether you actually hit the enemy. Also, as far as glitches go, there’s one where you die on a dead enemy, and there are multiple glitches that keep you from double jumping or wall jumping. In conclusion, just because this is a free game, doesn’t mean it isn’t crappy. Make your games good please.

Too difficult in spots

Absolutely sadistic, unforgiving difficult boss levels. After making it over the big penguin that spits out the fish, I dropped him down but then I died and you CANNOT MAKE IT ACROSS THAT CHASM AND HAVE TO START THE LEVEL OVER. Lost any desire to continue playing, it’s no longer fun.

I love this game but very hard 🐰🐇🐇🐰🐰🐰🐇🐇🐇🐇

Ok I do like this game But I can’t beat any thing on this game🙀will I did beat some levels 🙄 so I love every level but I can’t stand all of the levels 😫 OMG 😮 I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!😝 will it’s very hard😕 I’m not a emoji even though I have a lot of emojis will you tell me if this game is hard for you bye


Best game I’ve ever played on an IPhone. Hoping and praying new levels will come

iPhone X not full screen

Awesome game that I’ve put a lot of time into. The latest update says full screen iPhone X compatibility but unfortunately it isn't. Game looks the same as it did before the update. Screen size hasn’t changed. Hopefully it will get fixed as full screen on the iPhone X would be awesome, so would more levels :)


This is a really fun game. I love the jumps, that go high into the sky higher than trees. That is so bongo. I don’t like how you have to get rid of 20 🥕s to get a new life. THAT IS QUITE A RIP OFF! I think we should pay 1 or 2. That is all I must say! 👋🏻

great but needs more levels!

add more levels!!!

I love this game

Some levels are super hard but I thoroughly enjoyed beating all of them!! It was awesome I could skip a level if I needed too and I eventually went back and beat it. But it was the fact that I couldn’t get stuck somewhere. I really hope more levels come out!!!! I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!

stress inducing, in a good way

keeps your adrenaline pumping edit: nvm screw this

Greatest game ever

So fun and challenging, I play this game every chance I get. Can’t wait till there’s more worlds added so I can defeat the boss ☺️


LOL at the negative comments- I guess they couldn't beat the game🤷🏻‍♀️. I just finished the game, got all 3 keys at each stage and beat all of the bosses. It took me like 2 weeks (but let's be honest I probably spent 1-2 hours a day playing this game). Very addicting!! It's like the old Mario games but cuter❤. Please make more worlds to play!!

Third time I download it just to play it again

I usually don't review apps, but this game is so good and addictive I had to make one. The game is easy but keeps you busy, and the bunny is cute ^-^

Very good! 🐰

The game is very fun but takes some getting used to. It was difficult at first and I can see why people complain about the difficult level, but I enjoy it too much to complain myself. I have all of the levels finished now, and it was super fun going through to get 3 keys on all the levels. I am very excited for new worlds to be added and will probably keep playing as long as I have new stuff to do. Wooh! 🔑🔑🔑

Fantastic Game

This game is actually incredibly well made. Challenging but not impossible or infuriating. Simple and super fun.


I was having fun with playing the levels but am really disappointed with how world 10 is designed. The update just brings more adds and 5 levels that lack creativity.

I love it!

I just want to say thank you to the makers of this game! It's so much fun. The levels are unique and challenging and I love the design of this game. Thank you for making this amazing game I play it all the time!

Great game!

Favorite game I've downloaded yet! Can't wait for world 10.

New Levels

Can we get an update with new levels now? I've beat this game like 4 times 🤦🏻‍♀️

Too Many Ads

Couldn't learn the levels (after the first few) as death happened often (ever 5 - 10 seconds) yet I had to watch a 30+ second ad each and every time to continue. Lame. Balance the ad time vs game time, or it's not fun. I understand wanting to make money, but one ad a minute tops! Not cool to profit off of wasting my time; what a waste to think you made dozens of levels the average person will never even see.

I really love it~♥︎

This is by far one of my favorite games it's really cute and is just really fun to play with when you get bored or when you really just want to play on it.

Adorable! Addictive! Love it!

I love this game! Graphics are cute, levels are cute, and even though it takes a long time to beat, it's still one of the best games I've played so far! However, I have anger issues to whenever I play I get really stressed and angry, so I would recommend taking this game in small doses.

More stuff

There should be more things you can do with the carrots, like buy outfits, different rabbits, ect. But other than that fun game

Love this game

I love this game!! They have to make more levels or at least a second game it's so much fun and I can't get enough of it!

I never leave reviews

... but I had to because I love this game and I even bought the unlimited restarts


Honestly cannot stop playing, I absolutely love the challenges and art of the game so much! I can't wait for the next update!

Greaaaaat game

I finished the game ! And I hope they would hurry up with more games , cos I am addicted to this game . !!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️



This game is AMAZING

I love everything about it and It has 0 glitches, except for one: which is that the key & carrot counter disappears after you choose to continue with an ad after you die


I love this game I wish they could allow you to customize the character

A very good Game.

I highly recommend this game, I hope they add more worlds, I give it 5 stars.

Fun but..

This game is very fun but..the boss battle on world 4 doesn't have any flags so I couldn't win, I searched everywhere even when I got to 3 keys. But I can't wait for the update!

The best game ever!

This game is so addictive and I would love to give props to the animators. This is the best Visual game I have seen. I wish games every game was like this one. If this is the future for games, then I am happy to be part of it :)



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