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stress inducing, in a good way

keeps your adrenaline pumping edit: nvm screw this

Greatest game ever

So fun and challenging, I play this game every chance I get. Can’t wait till there’s more worlds added so I can defeat the boss ☺️


LOL at the negative comments- I guess they couldn't beat the game🤷🏻‍♀️. I just finished the game, got all 3 keys at each stage and beat all of the bosses. It took me like 2 weeks (but let's be honest I probably spent 1-2 hours a day playing this game). Very addicting!! It's like the old Mario games but cuter❤. Please make more worlds to play!!

Third time I download it just to play it again

I usually don't review apps, but this game is so good and addictive I had to make one. The game is easy but keeps you busy, and the bunny is cute ^-^

Very good! 🐰

The game is very fun but takes some getting used to. It was difficult at first and I can see why people complain about the difficult level, but I enjoy it too much to complain myself. I have all of the levels finished now, and it was super fun going through to get 3 keys on all the levels. I am very excited for new worlds to be added and will probably keep playing as long as I have new stuff to do. Wooh! 🔑🔑🔑

Fantastic Game

This game is actually incredibly well made. Challenging but not impossible or infuriating. Simple and super fun.


I was having fun with playing the levels but am really disappointed with how world 10 is designed. The update just brings more adds and 5 levels that lack creativity.

I love it!

I just want to say thank you to the makers of this game! It's so much fun. The levels are unique and challenging and I love the design of this game. Thank you for making this amazing game I play it all the time!

Great game!

Favorite game I've downloaded yet! Can't wait for world 10.

New Levels

Can we get an update with new levels now? I've beat this game like 4 times 🤦🏻‍♀️

Too Many Ads

Couldn't learn the levels (after the first few) as death happened often (ever 5 - 10 seconds) yet I had to watch a 30+ second ad each and every time to continue. Lame. Balance the ad time vs game time, or it's not fun. I understand wanting to make money, but one ad a minute tops! Not cool to profit off of wasting my time; what a waste to think you made dozens of levels the average person will never even see.

I really love it~♥︎

This is by far one of my favorite games it's really cute and is just really fun to play with when you get bored or when you really just want to play on it.

Adorable! Addictive! Love it!

I love this game! Graphics are cute, levels are cute, and even though it takes a long time to beat, it's still one of the best games I've played so far! However, I have anger issues to whenever I play I get really stressed and angry, so I would recommend taking this game in small doses.

More stuff

There should be more things you can do with the carrots, like buy outfits, different rabbits, ect. But other than that fun game

Love this game

I love this game!! They have to make more levels or at least a second game it's so much fun and I can't get enough of it!

I never leave reviews

... but I had to because I love this game and I even bought the unlimited restarts


Honestly cannot stop playing, I absolutely love the challenges and art of the game so much! I can't wait for the next update!

Greaaaaat game

I finished the game ! And I hope they would hurry up with more games , cos I am addicted to this game . !!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Best App Ever!!

This is the best game on the App Store.



This game is AMAZING

I love everything about it and It has 0 glitches, except for one: which is that the key & carrot counter disappears after you choose to continue with an ad after you die


I love this game I wish they could allow you to customize the character

A very good Game.

I highly recommend this game, I hope they add more worlds, I give it 5 stars.

Fun but..

This game is very fun but..the boss battle on world 4 doesn't have any flags so I couldn't win, I searched everywhere even when I got to 3 keys. But I can't wait for the update!

The best game ever!

This game is so addictive and I would love to give props to the animators. This is the best Visual game I have seen. I wish games every game was like this one. If this is the future for games, then I am happy to be part of it :)



I've been hopping for weeks!

This is a great simple one-button platformer. I have just cleared all the levels but some were very tough. Lots of fun and good solid mechanics and level design. Though the carrots are kinda useless because I like to beat the level in one go. Also, to the people giving poor reviews because of glitchy controls, it's most likely your old phone because it ran great for me. Add more levels and elements please!

more levels please

this game is addicting and we need more levels desperately. the style of the game and the cute little bunny, its worth the buy.

pretty fun

i got this app 3 days ago and i can't stop playing.... some of the levels are extremely easy so i suggest making them harder when the new levels come out. the double touch sensitivity is not that good, but most of the time it works. i love this game and i would like it more challenging cause i'm already finished with 3/4 of the game.


Not a very fun game for me and I don't like the controls. Cute graphics though.

More levels

Y'all need to hurry up and make more lvls! I've got 3 stars on all of them!! Hurryyyyy!!

Needs an update! But is tons of fun!

Jumping on the bad guys kills me nearly every time. Somehow you have to be perfectly on top of their head to smash them, which is nearly impossible because you can't control much in the game except for when you jump. The other factors such as spikes come in the way and force you to jump at a certain time which will inevitably kill you if one of the bad guys is in a certain spot. Otherwise this is really a great game and I've managed to collect all keys in all the worlds and am waiting for more levels and improvements!

love but disappointed

the only reason why i'm disappointed is because i finished the game too fast and there aren't any more levels lol i'm hoping they update soon, it took me back to the super mario days and it was one of the few games that i kept on my phone without deleting it


This game is so great but to bad I already beat it with 3 keys in each level. I need more worlds!!!

Jumping sensitivity stinks

This game has so much potential but half the time when I tap to jump, the bunny doesn't jump and I die, thus having to restart the whole level again. I can play the game for about 5 mins until it gets too frustrating.

More like Yeahh Bunny!!

10 outta 10, would Yeah Bunny again

Very fun! Can't wait for update

Game keeps me busy for a long time. I've been playing it for a couple weeks now. Can't put it down. Can't wait for more levels! I suggest lava and under ground themed!! :)

Super Cute and Fun

I've finished all the levels (getting all the keys) and I can't wait for more levels. Controls are easy and responsive. Music is cute.

Love this game!

Need more levels!!! It's a really good game, entertaining and a boat load of fun. :)

Double jump not sensitive enough!!

I love this game - but will not give 5 stars til the double jump sensitivity issue is fixed. It does not respond to double tapping half the time you don't need it, and almost never when you actually need it to advance on the level! Jesus, beta much? Also, the carrots serve zero purpose if you purchase the unlimited continues option. Thought they might be used to but more characters or costumes - something! But no, they serve absolutely no purpose and are pointless (pun intended).

Best Game Yet On iPhone

I have spent sooo much time playing this!! It's a great way to pass time, but you have to have just enough skill so that it's not boring. It's a excellent mix of platforming and adventure/comedy, and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves cute, retro style games or any of the Super Mario Bros series! The main reasons why it's not 5 stars is that I didn't like that you had to pay for the actual game itself, and THEN it still had in-app purchases! I am fine with paying a little bit for such a awesome game, but I feel like in-app purchases are unnecessary when we already have paid for the game itself. Also, I wish the game had more existing levels! I desperately want more challenges to face, but have beaten all of the previous levels. I hope y'all will update soon!

Sweetie please-

It looks so cute and fluffy and fun! I'm sure the controls will take some time to get ahold of just as any other game or game system is like. Looks similar to a Mario and Sonic board. ❤️❤️❤️

Train ride joy ride

Took me and my train friend about a week to beat! Made the train ride go a lot faster! Fun and unique! Waiting on the new levels! Thanks!

world 4 boss

game is really good im just having trouble beating one boss world 4, if anyone could help me out itd be appreciated!


So cute! 🐰💜

He deleted the old reviews

In the old section of reviews the majority was one star and three stars, guess the owner decided he could change that. The game has horrible controls and shows the owners have a clear greed for money. The owner never listens to any of the comments and just adds new levels that make the game longer. I would have kept my review with three stars, BUT I had an older review the owner decided to take down which offends me because he didn't fix anything and kept the good comments!

Great Game!

Why 5 stars? It's a plat former with a unique style, unique movement and cute graphics. It's a good game if you want a challenge, especially the boss levels, I get why people were frustrated, but after an hour or 2 of figuring out the level, all it takes is perfect timing. Sure there are a few odd hit boxes for the enemies, but with enough skill, it doesn't matter, the only thing I would like to have added is something that asks if you are sure you want to restart the level cuz there are times were I accidentally clicked restart instead of continue when I got really far in a level. Other then that, It's a great game, I'm excited for the next few worlds to be released.


Addicting make more levels!!!!

Stage 5x5 became too easy.

Needs new levels.

So fun!!

I've completed all the worlds and levels while getting all 3 keys in all of them! Can't wait for the other levels to come out

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